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Stephanie Jeannet alias Max Jeann was born in the heart of Switzerland, she is a visual artist and illustrator and adventurer. She recently fell for visuals narrative after reading half a ton of graphic novels. Max Jeann also creates tampered soundtracks with voices and sounds, draws the world with poetry and humor and tinkers small animated films. Her work speaks about absurdity in society, her drawings are to be read as an aesthetic of the imagination, a world of strange wonder. Max Jeann is constantly searching for forms of graphic expression as with risography, screen printing, engraving and wish to draw more on ceramics as a way to tell stories.

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Max Jeann holds a BFA in visual arts from the School of Art EDHEA located in the Swiss Alps and has been a student at the Bezalel academy of arts and design in Israel for an exchange program in animation film. Lately she has been an artist-in-residence at Banff art center in Canada. Her many residencies abroad enable her to follow ideas and discover new ones.

Max  Jeann story 

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